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Carlyn Place is located at 4390 Lorcom Lane and 4371-4373 Cherry Hill Road, Arlington, VA 22207.
Register to Vote for the Presidential Primary!
Posted on Jan 30th, 2020
Dear Fellow Building Ambassadors,
The deadline to register to vote in order to vote in the Democratic presidential primary is February 10. Approach your building management about holding a voter registration event. Place a notice in your building’s electronic community providing a link to
Post this flyer in your building.
Onward to Victory!
Best wishes,
Richard Skinner
Paid for and authorized by Arlington County Democratic Committee and not by any candidate or candidate committee
Arlington Democrats
P.O. Box 7132
Arlington, VA 22207
United States
Great Financial Gifts for Kids This Christmas
Posted on Dec 20th, 2019
Dear residents,
Below is a link to an article which goes over the basics of several financial gifts for kids during the Christmas season or anytime during the year. This may help some who are still deciding on what to give this year….Hopefully, the articles I have sent to you this year have been useful.
Happy Holidays!
Arlington County Permits
Posted on Nov 25th, 2019
Dear Carlyn Place residents,
Please be advised that permits are required for some appliance installation. Owners, not the Board, are responsible, and typically the installer pulls the permit. Here’s just some of the info about plumbing and gas installations in the county.
Thank you,
Drop-Off Sites for Glass
Posted on Nov 4th, 2019
Arlington residents have two more drop-off sites for recycling used glass jars and bottles.  Customized purple-and-green bins are at: 
  • Cherrydale Branch Library, 2190 N. Military Road; and
  • Lee Community Center, 5722 Lee Highway
Fire Safety
Posted on May 5th, 2019
Fire Safety Briefing: Arlington County Fire Department officials attended the April 2019 Carlyn Place Board Meeting to present tips on fire prevention and explained to residents how to safely extinguish a fire. See their presentations here and here. You can also view the YouTube video.
Evacuation Assistance During a Fire: Do you or a loved one in your unit need evacuation assistance during a fire? Here is some information on how to let fire units know where you are in the building so they can assist with evacuation.
Do You Have A Suggestion, Question, Or Comment?
Posted on Dec 8th, 2017
If you have a suggestion, question, or comment, please do not leave notes under the doors of Board members.  Please send us an email, or drop a note in the box next to the Engineer's office located in the basement of the Tower Building....or better yet, join us at our monthly Board meetings!
Voter Registration Information
Posted on Jul 12th, 2017
Would you like to register to vote in Virginia, update your voter information, or check your voting location?  Visit to get all the information you need about voting in Virginia.
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Meeting Notice for Budget Committee Meeting
Monday, October 3rd, 7:00 p.m. at Tower Building Community Room
The 2nd meeting of the budget committee will be held on Monday, October 3rd at 7:00 p.m. in the community room of the tower building.  This room is located two stair flights above the 8th floor.  All owners are invited to attend.
Meeting Notice for October Board Meeting
Wednesday, October 19th, 7:00 p.m. at Zoom Conference Call
Please plan to join us for the October Board of Directors Meeting --- Wednesday, October 19th at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom Conference Call.  This meeting is open to all owners and residents of the Carlyn Place Community.
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